3 definitions by SameLameAmy

The air that escapes a bag of salami that stinks like flatulence.
The better the salami, the worse the fart-lami.
by SameLameAmy December 22, 2020
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(n): a ritualistic attack in which 2 or more woke individuals insult and belittle a stranger that they perceive to be insensitive to social justice issues, usually on social media.
Sarah and Courtney took offense when a lady posted that she didn’t care for black leggings, so they initiated an awokening to set her straight dive she was obviously a racist.
by SameLameAmy June 30, 2021
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N: when 2 or more woke individuals gang up on someone who said something they perceive as wrong, usually on benign social media posts that have nothing to do with the offense that’s been perceived.
Sarah and Mya felt the need to express their outrage with a grand awokening. They made sure that stranger was put in her place for the obvious racism in her comment that she doesn’t like black leggings.
by SameLameAmy June 29, 2021
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