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a friendly, acceptable way to express disagreement with the previous speaker's statement.

It is the root phrase behind more vulgar terms replacing the keyword "eye" with other parts of the human anatomy less suitable for a wide audience.
high schooler #1: My '95 Grand Am is so fast! It does 0-60 in 7 seconds flat!

high schooler #2: My eye, Steve.
by Sam Polk March 28, 2007
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to express your understanding for another person's thoughts.
Dude #1: I feel bad saying this, but Tim's sister is a total skank.

Dude #2: Yeah, I smell what you're steppin' in. I can't get rid of this aweful rash.

Dude #3: Yeah...wait. WHAT?!
by Sam Polk April 08, 2007
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a phrase used in describing an attractive female whose figure is far too petite for hardcore sexual intercourse.

Commonly heard from the lips of a rather large and/or cocky male figure who feels his brute force may, in fact, injure the above-mentioned female.
(hott girl walks by)

Hyper Guy: Dude, check her out! Boy, what I'd do for a night with that...

Cool Guy: Whatever man, I'd break her in half. Let's go hit on the softball team.

Hyper Guy: Good idea!
by Sam Polk April 08, 2007
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a homeless person who holds a personal conviction against routine passers-by. Most commonly found along the sidewalks of well-populated urban settings.
Business man #1: Hey, you're a little late to the office this morning, did you oversleep?

Business man #2: No, I was arguing with some mickeybrown down on 5th. I told him to get a job like the rest of us.
by Sam Polk March 16, 2007
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