Typically used with the preceeding pronoun "her", a metaphor used when having sex/nailing/fucking a girl (commonly referred to as a slut, hoe or bitch) so vigorously that you could visualize splitting her in half up the centre (or up the back, respectively). Usually referring to a slim tall girl, or a cute, tiny petite one.

Often used in the degrading sense by a male among his peers to raise his esteem.
"I picked up the hottest slut at the bar last weekend: she was blonde, fit body, tight ass; the works. We're going out for drinks tonight :D.... I cant wait to take that bitch home and break her in half!"
by Darius69 July 10, 2006
a phrase used in describing an attractive female whose figure is far too petite for hardcore sexual intercourse.

Commonly heard from the lips of a rather large and/or cocky male figure who feels his brute force may, in fact, injure the above-mentioned female.
(hott girl walks by)

Hyper Guy: Dude, check her out! Boy, what I'd do for a night with that...

Cool Guy: Whatever man, I'd break her in half. Let's go hit on the softball team.

Hyper Guy: Good idea!
by Sam Polk April 8, 2007