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The act of snorting cocaine off of a man's erect penis.
As Sergio and Andre had grown tired of blowing lines of coke off women's breasts, they decided to mix things up, by snorting it off of each other's penises - "snake dusting" as it is known in some circles.
by Sam Mechling August 29, 2010

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A German sexual fetish characterized, by two men sitting on each others laps and defacating into the same toilet simultaneously.
Although Doug was the larger of the two men, he was able able to execute a perfect Dresden Stack, by dropping four turds between Jacob's legs into the toilet.
by Sam Mechling June 29, 2006

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A dance move defined by a man moving his body as to fling his penis against a pair of thin shorts or undergarments. If performed correctly, the outline of the man's penis will be clearly visible as it punches against the fabric.
Like a theater performer frantically looking for the opening to the stage, Felipe's penis flung wildly against the sheer fabric of his underwear as he danced. To the delight of his middle-aged female audience, he was "punching the curtain."
by Sam Mechling September 08, 2010

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