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Man whose sole contribution to the upbringing of his child consists of Facebook postings extolling his virtues as a father. A Facebook Father wants all the rights of fatherhood with none of the responsibilities and uses Facebook to fool the causal observer into believing that he is Father of the Year.
See also: Deadtweet Dad
That Facebook Father just posted a beautiful picture of his daughter, but hasn't paid child support, medical expenses or any tuition for over a year.
by Salwanhoward March 02, 2012
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Hyperbola: A disease rampant among those who discuss Ebola with little or no scientific knowledge and thereby are prone to making outrageous, stupid and simplistic suggestions on how to deal with the complex issues surrounding epidemiology and biology.

Symptoms include keeping children home from school because someone three towns away might POSSIBLY been in the same country as a confirmed case, amnesia for certain public officials who voted to drastically cut medical research and development budgets and now need to cover their ass, and/or being a commentator on Fox News.
The CDC just announced that it has quarantined Congress due to an outbreak of Hyperbola. Hundreds of cases have been reported as members make more and more outrageous suggestions to control a disease about which they know nothing.
by Salwanhoward October 17, 2014
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A tweeting jerk. One who must announce to the world that they are a tool in 140-character missives on twitter.
Tom got really trashed and was a total Twerk last night. He tweeted crap all night long.
by Salwanhoward September 28, 2013
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