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Derogatory term used towards white people. Generally means arrogant racist idiot who thinks that he is better than others of a different culture because his skin is pasty and his ancestors wiped out the natives to get land. Genesis of the word is said to be found during slavery days to refer to whites cracking the whip as slave owners.
Jethro: you blacks owe white people everything

Alonzo: Shut your pigskin cracker ass up.
by Sallas July 11, 2008
A disgusting krispy kream pasty white ass hoe that shouldn't be touched even with a ten foot pole.
Guy1: Cracker bitches are ugly and they are whores.

Guy2: There goes one right now. She probably just had sex for money.

Guy1: Who the fuck would pay for that shit?

Guy2: Not me. I wouldn't do her if she paid me! Fuck that Cracker whore.
by Sallas July 11, 2008
Characterized by severe and abnormal lack of melanin in the skin, hair and eyes. Albinism is a hereditary condition. The term is sometimes used as a derogatory insult towards lighter complected people.
Bubba: One of these days I am going to lynch you Tyron.

Tyron: Shut the hell you up, you genetically recessive albino.
by Sallas July 11, 2008
A sellout who deserves to be beaten half to death and who embarasses everyone of her/his race because he/she fell in love with a nazi pig.
Latin guy1: Is that bitch really with that mother fucker.

Latin guy2: Yeah man, she's cracker lover.
by Sallas July 11, 2008
Derogatory term used toward blacks. The word nigger sometimes carries more weight than other racial slurs because of the historical charge given to it by events such as slavery and lynchings. This is why cracker sometimes pales in comparison(no pun intended). Not as effective in modern times though because no blacks of this generation have been enslaved. For some reason also, whites are wanting the right to say it so they use excuses like "Well blacks use it why can't I?". But the real question is, why are some whites so desperate to use it and care about using it so much?
Jethro: you stupid nigger!

Alonzo: There might be a black president in the US in a few months so go fuck yourself, I don't care what you call me.

Jethro: What the fuck just happened?!
by Sallas July 11, 2008
A man who kills nazis and KKK members and a man who deserve a fucking medal.
Mom: Your dad is out right now sweetie, he has gone to put dumb crackers in their place.

Kid: Wow, i want to grow up to be just like him! I want to be a Cracker killer too.
by Sallas July 11, 2008