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A fake gangster. A poser or wannabe. Also a song performed by 50 cent, and remixed by Eminem.

"I aint no gangsta
I ain't gotta start frontin
I just call Banks up
if i need to pop somethin
but you gonna feel my shit
you gonna hit the stop button
I fuck you up a long time
you gonna get stomped stuntin" ~ Eminem.


"But you never pop nothing
We said you a wanksta
And you need to stop frontin'
You go to the dealership
But you never cop nuttin'
You been hustling a long time
And you ain't got nothin" ~ 50 Cent.
Joe "Spitz" Balmon: Man, I got fifty G's yesterday selling that mary jane on the corner of Harlem and Irving!

Jane: What? No you weren't.. you were at my house painting!

Lizzle: You fuckin' wanksta..

by sake(: January 14, 2010
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A type of person who is unattractive physically, but attractive personality-wise. They happen to be good at sports. A motto for a Danny would definitley be, "Never judge a book by its cover."
Girl 1; Why do you like that guy?

Girl 2; Because he's a Danny, that's why!!!

Girl 1; Oh, that's why!
by Sake(: October 23, 2009
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A type of person who talks way too much. They can't hold a conversation, and if you see their name on your caller ID you feel like shooting yourself. But you like to stay their friend because they're really fun at parties. They also can bring your mood up 24/7.
Girl 1; I hope that girl is coming to the party tonight.

Girl 2; Whyyy?

Girl 1; Because she's a total Marta!

Girl 2; SWEET!
by Sake(: October 24, 2009
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A type of person who is just udderly, completley, DUMB. They have no sense of humor, and make stupid comments about everything. For some odd reason, they have many friends. Probably because they make everyone feel smart. They are hideous. They could make any girl in thier right mind puke. They are total manwhores. They can only get easy chicks. If you like small packages, go for an Aleks.
Girl 1; Oh my god! Is THAT your boyfriend?
Girl 2; uh.. yea.. why?
Girl 1; *smacks girl 2 in the face* HOW COULD YOU? HE'S SUCH AN ALEKS! HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID?!?

Girl 2; Have I not explained this to you? I'm easy!
Girl 1:NOOO!!
by sake(: October 23, 2009
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A type of person who starts drama for no apparent reason. They seem to love drama, even though they complain about it non-stop.
Girl 1; What is up with that girl?!

Girl 2; I have NO idea, but she is DEFINITLEY a kathy. All she does is start drama!

Girl 1; True dat.
by sake(: October 23, 2009
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