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The legendary and most honorable position you can get while playing the game "Among us". It's too rare for a person to be the imposter more than 1 time in a row. Imposters sabotage the systems and secretly kills the crewmates and escapes through vents.
Me: OMG I became an imposter in among us. HAHAHA. Finally I'll be the pro.
by Saitama 777 September 22, 2020

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The no.1 favorite sentence of racist american whites who hate immigrants.(mostly non whites)
Ricardo: hey thats racist you fucking retard.
by Saitama 777 January 15, 2021

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A man who loves dolphins.
Jotaro loves dolphins more than anything . He is a dolphinsexual.
by Saitama 777 February 23, 2021

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Can't swim
Tommy Vercetti can't swim, Claude can't talk ,while CJ can't follow the damn train.
by Saitama 777 January 29, 2021

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The only ones I can legally use the Nword on, without being in a big trouble. Only if I look at their eyes or attack them they will attack me.
Me while playing Minecraft
Enderman: *shows up*
Me: hey there nigga
Enderman:*minds his buisiness*
Me: wow he didnt say or do anything when i called him nigga

Me:*looks at his eyes* Hey nice purple eyes
Enderman: *angry noises* Omae wa mou shindeiru *attacks me*
Me: Nani....*dies*
by Saitama 777 January 06, 2021

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What the name of this site should actually supposed to be.
Urban dictionary is ruined as 99.999% of the definitions are related to sex. It should be renamed to Urban sextionary.
by Saitama 777 November 19, 2020

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My type of girl in school
I started dating the most unpopular girl in school because of the intense competition among guys and she's out of every Chad guys' radar.
by Saitama 777 November 04, 2020

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