5 definitions by Sahara Dessert

a living angel that sadly moved on in 1995

he had his own show that was unedited and each episode was less than 30 minutes long and he also lived in Alaska and Florida

he also had an amazing afro and loved to paint trees with a little friend and he is so wholesome and calming to watch

he did asmr unintentionally before it was even invented
Friend: What’s your favorite show

Me: Whatever Bob Ross’ show is called
by Sahara Dessert November 2, 2020
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person 1: "i really want those shoes"
person 2: "lyd"
by Sahara Dessert September 10, 2012
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ily is most commonly used as i love/like you

it can also mean i like yodeling
me: ily
crush: i don’t like you

me: no loser it means i like yodeling
crush: .... my bad
by Sahara Dessert May 2, 2021
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something you take a big drink after hearing something cursed
Wow after hearing that song i need unhear juice!
by Sahara Dessert October 31, 2020
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