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A British band who, in the 80s and then the 90s, helped to start and then define grindcore music. They are still generally regarded as the genres primogenitors. Grind is basically short and fast, with very sludgy guitars and bass and shouty/growly vocals. Short in the extreme sense - Napalm Death's best known record, 1987's Scum, contained 28 tracks in 33 minutes, the longest being just over 2 minutes, and the shortest being 4 seconds. Because of these aspects, grind has obviously never really gotten through to the mainstream. Napalm Death are still going today (Feb 2004).
Napalm Death? Yeah, I've heard them...they're fucking strange. Bloody heavy though!
by sabdo February 08, 2004
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An awe-inspiring death metal band from Canada. Not brand new, but also not long-standing scene members, the band's sound is so full-on and complete that they have even invented a name for their style - Northern Hyperblast. They have never attained such recognition as (for example) fellow Canadians Cryptopsy, but the quality of albums such as In Shadows and Dust and The Prophecy suggest that maybe they should have.
"Kataklysm? Who are they?"
"Dude, if you like Morbid Angel, you're gonna fucking love Kataklysm!"
by sabdo February 08, 2004
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Dame Allan's Girl. Frances is very pretty, and has great musical skill, along with a very nice, tight, little ass.
"Look at Frances up on stage!"
"Yeah, and check out that ass!"
by sabdo February 21, 2004
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A member of the MX forums at www.musicianforums.com. As distinct from a Mexican.
The Pit - the stronghold of the MXicans!
by sabdo February 08, 2004
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Amalams is ebonics for Ambulance. Sound it out! Say it slow.
Call the amalams, somebody done shot my baby daddy!
by Sabdo April 13, 2004
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1. The forums at www.musicianforums.com, as referred to by members of the site. This is as distinct from mx (small case), who is the site's admin. see also MXican.

2. A song by Deftones, from their Around the Fur album.
Dude, this one time, on MX... (the beginning of one of many MX stories doomed to not being understood by anyone outside the forums)
by sabdo February 08, 2004
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