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Short for lycanthrope, a lycan is often mistaken for a werewolf. A lycan has the ability to turn into a wolf, or any type of dog. A lycan's usual appearance is a human's body and a wolf head.
Although most of them didn't trust the lycan, Callie's saw something in Eleanor that she knew no one else did.
by SWAGITASTIC June 13, 2015
Also known as a shape shifter, shifters have the ability to shift into any form or animal. In most stories or myths, the number one form for a shifter to use is a wolf. They slightly resemble werewolves, but don't unwillingly change on a full moon, in fact, the moon does not affect them at all.
Callie was very bad at hiding the fact that she is a shifter.
by SWAGITASTIC June 13, 2015
A human that has the ability to willingly or unwillingly change into the appearance of a wolf. They are easily mistaken for a lycan or lycanthrope. A werewolf is different in every story and myth, but in most, they are affected by the full moon. Some werewolves have different appearances, like a man's body and a wolf head, or just a simple large wolf. Usually, the werewolf cannot control itself when in wolf form on a full moon.
Luke had no intentions of being a werewolf. He would much rather have a normal life.
by SWAGITASTIC June 13, 2015