THE best person you will ever meet! Is a bitch when she has to be.
yo its Callie!
by ginger gin September 11, 2019
Callie can sometimes be shy but when you get to no her she will be bubbly, can't stop laughing and love to be with her friends. Callie likes to be funny (or trys to .) Callie is very pretty,funny and kind . Callie is a good person to be around . Sometimes Callie can be conscious of herself or worried how she looks.
Have you seen the the new girl Callie she is so funny and kind .
by Cool girl loves cupcakes November 6, 2017
Callie a girl who is absolutely stunning. She is so pretty, gorgeous, and just cute. Everybody falls for her because she is so perfect. Very kind hearted and caring. Her smile can light up a room like nothing else. The sound of her laugh is almost addictive. Callie is just the perfect human being
Callie is so cute
by Cutie:D March 13, 2018
A beautiful kind and loving girl who will be by your side no matter what. She may seem annoying sometimes but you'll realize how much you love that funniness. Always one to set you off in hysterics if you give her a chance. And always one to please the gentlemen!
I love Cally so much. She sends my off in laughing fit every day. Can't get enough of Cally.
by lilireinhartistheloml June 15, 2018
She is normally quiet, but when you get to know her she will open up and make you laugh all day long. She will normally have at least one sibling that is younger. She is nice, but when she gets a chance she will be a savage. Overall she is a great person to hang out with.
She's a Callie
by I am a Callie November 10, 2017
A shy girl who isn't too shy once you get to know her. She can be awkward at first but once you crack her shell she is the most odd and energetic person you will meet. Cally is very pretty and doesn't know it. If you ever get a Cally in your life, hold onto her because she is the most loyal girl who never gives up on you. She is athletic, smart, and drop dead gorgeous.
All the boys want a Cally.
by littyyert November 7, 2018
Calli is so beautiful I love her w all my heart and deserves the world
Calli is so awesome
by Under October 17, 2019