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A brand of jeans that are typically worn so tight that they tend to reveal contours of the body that aren't meant to be seen - ie. cameltoe
The man's pants were so form-fitting, I knew at first glance they must be wranglers.
by suzyq April 08, 2004

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verb (used with object), instabanned
1. to prohibit, forbid, or bar from instagram due to inappropriate or excessive use of the app through posting an inordinate amount of vain pictures which may include self-indulgently sentimental couple shots with hashtags such as #together #awesome #cutecouple or #togetherforever

2. Also appropriately used as a hash tag when a instagram user abuses other users feeds with images of puppies or baby animals
eg. Ugh I'm so going to #instaban Polly, tenth picture of her stupid pug she has posted today!
by SUzyQ March 28, 2014

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