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Moreso than being the Distillers' frontlady, known for dumping Tim Armstrong like a sack of distilled testes.
"I was hauling around a bag of balls, set it down on the sidewalk on account of fatigue, and felt a tad brody dalle-ish."
by SPee[d] August 12, 2006
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Short for motherfucker; one who fucks someone's mother; scumbag.
"That mo' is a fucking scumbag."
by SPee[d] August 12, 2006
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Your sad, sorry life.
"My la vie is extremely sorry and sad."
by SPee[d] August 11, 2006
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To masturbate.

Present: spankin' it
Past: spanked it. "Spunked it" works, too.
Harrison: What'd you do today?
Elizabeth: Wrote an exam, went to work. I'mma go home now and spank it.
by SPee[d] December 10, 2007
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One's last chance at pursuing/having anything at all. For instance; a woman, a man, hit off a bong/pipe/aqualung, bump in a vial, etc.
"I went in for the kill and ended up with a nose bleed. This shit was cut far too cleanly for my liking."
by SPee[d] August 12, 2006
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