3 definitions by SFPC whody

To cock- slap-- to beat on or beat up. See wordTurka/word.
Oye, me voy a dar una turka a tu madre puta.
by SFPC whody April 07, 2003
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A phrase said after someone says "what" in a sentence... A wordretard/worded attempt to prove intellectual superiority by wordretard/worded people.
Retard 1:"Hey, what up, b?"
Retard 2:"mumble mumble"
Retard 1:"What?"
Retard 2:"DIS DICK!!!"
Retard 1:"Hey, wanna go to IHIP?"
Retard 2:"Go where?"
Retard 1:"You know, IHIP, the pancake place."
Retard 2:"Oh, you mean IHOP?"
Retard 1:"On DIS DICK!!!!!"
by SFPC whody April 02, 2003
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