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(Frawgah)n.,v. to punch someone in the upper arm or chest with the middle knuckle partically extended to inflict a sharp concerntrated blow. origin of the name is based on the quick flick of a frog's tounge.
Dude, look at the bruise where your brother frogged me!
by SAMMER OF THE GODS May 31, 2006

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(time•BAN•DIT) n. someone who wastes your time by telling long winded stories, isn't punctual, makes you wait for various reasons, plans boring outings, etc. it's a retro reference to an brit-comedy movie from the early eighties of the same name.
Kelly is such a time bandit... She always goes into these boring monologes about boring crap when i have much better things to do like clean my toilet.
by SAMMER OF THE GODS June 02, 2006

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(Jee•ZUS•CRU•zers) n. sandals. usually with simple leather straps.
That hippy was wearing his Jesus cruisers in the winter! That dude was a hard core Deadhead.
by SAMMER OF THE GODS July 12, 2006

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(fro•DO•shop) n. v. the software you use to copy and paste your friends heads on LOTRs photos that you scrape off the internet usually to send via email.
I frodo-shopped Darren's head onto Gollum's body and posted it in my myspace pics.
by SAMMER OF THE GODS June 02, 2006

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(splashin•PUNK•enz) n. a loud splashing bowel movement. based on the imagined sound of pumpkins being dropped into water.
I ate , like, four frozen burritos and had some serious splashin' punkins!
by SAMMER OF THE GODS May 31, 2006

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(DUMP•lingz)n. pl.
Minature turds that usually require a second flushing due to their bouyancy. Also any small reminant of a bowel movement that doesn't go down with the first flush.
Aunt Ginny left a bunch of dumplings in the toilet.
by sammer of the gods May 16, 2006

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(CAT•chup•KWEEF) n. the audible phenomenon that occurs when a squeezable catsup bottle expels air and condiment, resulting in an unpleasant and embarrassing mess.
"hey g-friend, what's that on your hoodie?" "emma and me were at mickey d's for lunch, and she totally blew a ketchup queef all over the table!"
by SAMMER OF THE GODS June 11, 2008

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