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Somewhat archaic English phrase meaning unwavering determination.

Can also be used in a negative sense to describe general obstinacy or stubbornness.
Jimmy just won't give up until he is victorious. He's got a stiff upper lip.

Dude, leave her alone. She obviously isn't interested. That stiff upper lip is gonna get you in trouble.
by Rusty de la Serna November 06, 2008

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A purveyor of the carpetbomb. This means that this person will go into other people's homes, uninvited, and shit on their carpets, rugs, shags, or whatever floor-coverings they they may have.
Dude, Jake is a carpetbomber ace. He's carpetbombed on five Persian rugs.
by Rusty De La Serna February 22, 2009

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When a person takes a shit on someone's carpet and does nothing to clean it up.
I broke into Henderson's house and dropped a carpetbomb on his Persian rug.
by Rusty De La Serna February 22, 2009

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