rumina is an amazing friend, beautiful girl, stunning asf,a baddie and everybody wants to be like her. shes blessed with amazing tits and an extremely nice body. Shes so hot everybody wants to fuck her . I will eat her pussy dry.
by your1andonlybaddie October 28, 2021
Rumina is very kind,loving,and very loyal and she will be very loving if you can trust her and you can be her friend
by Rumina April 1, 2018
Rumina..........literally the best girl in the world. She is a very adorable, amazing, stubborn person. She has amazing humor and can brighten your day with just her smile. But there's also her bad side; you mess with her and you'll end up in hell.

Rumina is also probably the best person to date. If you get an Rumina in a relationship, she will give all her effort, and will most likely get very attached to you; that is if she likes you enough, ´cause with the one, she gets ¨click¨ with, shes most likely in it for the long run. Rumina´s also very sexy, tho she doesn't try to dress too nice, but either way, she'll take your breath away. She has all the right curves in all the right places and has sparkling eyes that just melt you away. Shes literally a goddess. She is also an amazing friend, probably the best friend in the group. So if you ever DO get her in a relationship, NEVER let her go, EVER!!! NO MATTER WHAT. When you have her heart, take care of your ¨Rumina¨ cause shes only a once in a lifetime thing. Rumina is the love of my life, my whole world, and if I lost her.....I´d LITERALLY kill myself!
Rumina is loved
by your1andonlybaddie October 28, 2021