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to masturbate in a public place, and or do something sleazy/typically rusty that would make you say "what a rusthoven"

Also a small woodland creature that prefers to live in damp climates and eat nuts and bark, its species is characterized by intense masturbation
"Dude wheres Jim"
"Oh he's masturbating in the bathroom"

"Dude he's totally pulling a rusthoven"
by Rumblefighterbro February 16, 2011
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A mix of an asian and a pokemon, often resulting from intense gameboy playing in which the player starts to resemble his pokemon.
When a person, usually asian begins to think that they are a pokemon or refers to themself as a pokemon
Reverse form is a pokegook in which a pokemon begins to think they are an asian person (see meowth)
RJ: Dude Max has been playing pokemon a lot lately
David: Yeah he's a gookemon

Max: Pikachu on deck
David: You mean gookemon
by Rumblefighterbro June 04, 2011
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A combination of a Rusthoven and a Hoff to form a two man train in call of duty in order to keep you deaths low. To work as a team usually to counteract pussy campers.

Also an actual train in central Germany which runs from Stuttgart to Leipzig
David: We're getting picked off out here

Adaulfo: I'm visiting Leipzig soon
Deryck: Oh how are you getting there
Adaulfo: I'm taking the 3:10 Rustahoff from Stuttgart
by Rumblefighterbro June 04, 2011
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A term used towards Rusthovens or redheaded people to express sympathy or to indicate that this is "someone's day"

Also an expression used in sadness when something bad has happened to a Rusthoven (typically something involving Chris Andersen, a Rusthoven's natural enemy)
Rusty: Chris Andersen just pooped on my head, he's a faggot
Max: Aww Little Rusty

Steve Kerr: And Raymond Felton is at the top of the key, and he dishes the ball to Chris Andersen.

Reggie Miller: And the Birdman with a savage dunk. He is doing his bird dance, oh and whats this, he is now pooping on a fans head.

Steve Kerr: Aww Little Rusty
by Rumblefighterbro June 04, 2011
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