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futureperfect is the fourth full-length album by Futurepop artist VNV Nation. This marked a drastic turn in their style, and were introduced to a much wider audience. This album also includes the greatest song ever composed: "Epicentre." Other hits include: "Carbon," "Genesis," "Beloved," and "Holding on."
VNVI: Dude, have you heard "Epicentre"?

VNVNII: Yah, it's found on futureperfect, that damn good VNV album.

VNVI: That album pwnd my pants off!
by Ruiner123 January 22, 2009

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Acronym that stands for "Get the fuck in." Its use is the opposite of the popular "GTFO." Used when one wants someone to enter the current conversation in a room.
Dude: Man, Guy would have some interesting things to say about this!!!

Man: Where is Guy?

Dude: It says he's in the room, he must be lurking...


Guy: what?
by Ruiner123 January 30, 2009

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When you click on your friend's Facebook page, click on one of his/her friend's page, clicking on one of that person's page, and so on and so on, often done because you see a person that is good-looking, hot, etc.
Guy: Dude, I saw some chick on Rob's Facebook and clicked on it to see the picture bigger, ended up seeing a hoteer chick on this girl's friends list, and ended up seeing another hot chick on that girl's page.

Dude: You just experienced a facelink chain.
by Ruiner123 November 10, 2009

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v. A portmanteau of "spam" and "mark," derived from the phrase "Mark as spam" frequently found on your e-mail account. It is indeed to mark a user or an e-mail as spam, thus sending it and all future e-mails from said user to your spam folder.
1.- I subscribed to this website's newsletter and because of it I keep getting e-mails asking me if I want to double the size of my penis, so I think I'm going to spamk it.

2.- God, this creepy guy I met on MySpace keeps sending me e-mailes so I spamked him.

3.- Thank God UrbanDictionary hates spam, so I don't have to spamk them.
by Ruiner123 May 24, 2009

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