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A girl in uniform, usually with a short skirt, easily seen panties, pigtails and a button up top.

They are so fucking hot I could burst.
That Catholic Schoolgirl needs to get closer to God. Perhaps my dick will be her diety of choice today.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
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Maybe one of the most fantasized about types of girls ever. These young girls appear to innocent, holy, or wholesome when most are "naughty" or very sexual. Known for their really short plaid skirts. These girls mostly attract older men usually in there 30's or 40's. The most tempting jail bait there is. Its like the girl you want but can't have because you'll go to jail...for a long long time.
Middle Aged Guy: "Aw those catholic school girls, make me wish I was young again."

Freind: "Better stay away you know them girls, are pure jail bait."
by Anunknownperson May 29, 2009
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A catholic school girl is a girl who attends a catholic school. The girl is usually good-looking and has many secrets. At catholic schools, the girls try extra hard to look good because thats the only way to stand out with those fugly uniforms.
Boys are especially attracted to the catholic school girls because of Britney's Spears' music video a couple of years ago.

p.s. Catholic school girls are not sluttier than public school girls.
boy1: damn, sally looks fine today!! her skirt is extra short!

boy2: yeah, man. its so fucking sexy.
by weas August 10, 2005
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In slang terms, this is the stereotype describing the woman who gives the appearance of being very conformist, wholesome, and pure of "sin" (sex, drugs, and other indulgences), but in reality has a deep compulsion to be the contrasting opposite: very promiscuous and all-around unwholesome.
At the S&M club, Harry saw several women dressed in Catholic school girl uniforms.
by Bill M. September 20, 2004
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Catholic school girls are the best partiers, and they dress skanky to get all the guysโ€™ attention at parties
look at tha Catholic schoolgirl in the corner wearin that short skirt grindin up on the boys
by aka727 March 26, 2008
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