2 definitions by Rowdy Yates

The act of mooning another individual, or group, and bending at such an angle that the mooner's ball sac is revealed.
I was so upset by the referee's bad call, that I dropped my drawers and blinded him with a marvelous marmaduke.
by Rowdy Yates January 4, 2006
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1.) Occurs when a person releases a thunderous fart as another individual is departing the immediate vicinity of the farter.
2.) Also applies to situations where the farter departs from the vicinity of the victim after releasing his or her fumes.
As the business man exited the elevator, the dwarf like man he was riding with let out a deafening defarture that caused the business man to giggle with delight.
by Rowdy Yates November 3, 2004
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