2 definitions by Romulus Augustulus

Behavior exhibited by an individual possessing breasts wherein said individual demonstrates the fact that they have breasts through a combination of clothing, body language and speech.
I bought a button-less jacket because I enjoy boobing around on a daily basis.
Anne-Catherine got some new breast implants. I guess she couldn't resist boobing around.
by Romulus Augustulus October 26, 2019
A plastic device used for navigating snow and icy terrain with great alacrity. It's kind of like the ghetto equivalent of a sled. Essentially it's a piece of plastic someone's ass goes on. Hence, it's an ass piece.
I broke my sled because I got distracted by a pair of frogs having sex by the lake. Now I am force to buy an asspiece instead due to my limited budget.

With all this ice one could easily slip. For this reason I navigate the hellish polar landscape upon my trusty asspiece.
by Romulus Augustulus January 13, 2019