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Resident Food-fan, and leader of the Wansie clan.
"Dude, Wansie is so freaking awesome"
"No he's not."
by Rolodex Polk December 02, 2003
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insult used for teacher, substitute for "fucker"
"Dude, that fat patter gave me an F!"
by Rolodex Polk March 24, 2004
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Any human or animal who has enough fat to take up at least three chairs at an airport.
"Whoa, check out that obese hunter."
by Rolodex Polk February 27, 2005
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One who is a degraing idiot idiot in class; oblivious to trend
"Matt is such a stoup, he doesn't like Marilyn Manson."
by Rolodex Polk August 26, 2003
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