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A baseball team with fans (99% of them bandwagon) that doesn't shut up about their 26 world titles, and uses their incredibly high paycheck to hire new players who either used to be good in the past. They are the second most annoying team in baseball. (The most annoying being the Red Sox.)
The New York Yankees are doshops;khjos;hjm
by Roki April 6, 2008
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A baseball team that causes people to shit their pants whenever they hear the team's name. The Red Sox are a team that is basically built on the hate for another team (the Yankees) and use ghost stories and other bullshit to get fans. Similar to Christianity

They started playing back when there wasn't any cars, won a few championships, then, nobody really gave a shit about them until 2003 when they were actually good. They managed to win 4 games in a row against the Yankees, (Wow. 4 is a big number) and win the World Series in 2004. Up until this championship, they were ashamed of their first five championships and rather them not be mentioned, now all they do is show them off like a Christmas tree. Fun.

The hilarious thing about this is the fact that so many Red Sox fans believed that there was magic behind all their losses and that Babe Ruth's ghost haunted them for 86 years. (Which is bullshit because he died in 1948.) People even tried to plant Red Sox jerseys in the new Yankee stadium because apparently, inanimate cotton shirts made in factories cause people to be bad at sports when buried. Those silly Sox fans. Most of their fans would rather see their team not win another World Series in 86 years than watch the Yankees win one more World Series. I mean, hell, they're OBSESSIVE with hating the Yankees. Google: "Red Sox" and I guarantee half the images you find are pics bashing the Yankees.
The Boston Red Sox spread their legacy by telling ghost stories of dead baseball players and luck rather than telling kids to never give up.
by Roki May 5, 2008
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Forum opened in 2004 as a fan forum for John & Richie, creators of Perfect Kirby. They started out really nice, but ended up being asses. This was because one member, Sherbet Boy , got everyone's respect from being a sarcastic noob-disser. His actions eventually led into turmoil when the forums a'sploded in 2005. But now, a flash animator from J&R's Original forums made a new institute, so they can all shit on eachother. Think of it as a mini-Lilypad.
The J&R Institute was a wonderful forum until all the members sucked Sherbet's dick.
by Roki August 19, 2006
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A scary show on Adult Swim. Somehow it passes as anime when it is more like that fake Sailor Moon like anime.
The mother on "Crayon Shin-Chan" scares the shit out of me.
by Roki August 30, 2006
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The newest form of "crap" music in America. They are a six member pop group that whore themselves out in their videos and in their songs. Although, they are all "hot", that is not an excuse for them being so mainstream popular. They are a bad influence and are slowly turning a generation of children into prostitutes.

They're the new Spice Girls.
The Pussycat Dolls should not be allowed to make videos anymore.
by Roki November 18, 2006
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