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A person on disability who treats their situation as an endless vacation, full of parties, travel and leisure, especially when the disability status is obtained fraudulently and the individual in question is completely healthy.

Contraction of disability and debutante or celebutant.

Variant spelling: disabilitante
You'd never know he was so close to death, on the contrary, he's quite the disabilitant.
by RobRoy March 09, 2012

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When a vagina is fully aroused, and the lips are open like a rose in full bloom.
When I fucked Dolores it didn't take much foreplay, when I pulled down her panties she had a full blown rose.
by Robroy March 03, 2007

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A straight appearing couple, often celebrities, in the media, government or sensitive cultural arenas where discretion is required, who are both closeted down low gays, and use each other for convenient cover.
No one believed it but I knew for a fact that the pop star/super model power couple were both gay; it was a beardbeard marriage.
by RobRoy October 21, 2015

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