A project given to students in ninth grade in which they have to present a debate on a controversial topic. Widly reguarded as unneccesarily stressfull and a waste of time by students and teachers alike. However it still persists as a requirement for half a graduation credit.
Student One: So what are you guys doing this weekend?
Student Two: Ugh, I have to go over Jimmy's house to work on 9A... again.
Student One: Sucks
by saywhaat? February 13, 2010
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The 9A-91 is a Russian carbine assault rifle produced in 1994. The typical design features a 20-round magazine and can fire 9x36mm rounds at 700-900 rounds per minute, and has an average range of 100 meters, making it a suitable weapon for close-quarters combat combined with the 9x36mm's stopping power. The 9A-91 is used by Russian police forces. This gun was featured in the video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
Sergei readied his 9A-91 as his squad breached the main entrance to the apartment complex. He knew he was going to use it.
by tehFatMan August 28, 2011
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