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1. To have David Hasselhoff edited into a photograph of yourself, usually with sexually suggestive results
2. To be on the recieving end of sexual relations with David Hasselhoff
1. John Hasselhoffed a photo of me, now it looks like we're showering together!
2. I heard that Kiru was Hasselhoffed last night. Then again, who hasn't been?
by Rind November 11, 2003

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To hold somebody immobile.
Festivus isn't over until the head of the household has been pinned!
by Rind April 28, 2004

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A bunch of slack-jawed faggots.
Shaboing is the refuge of sexually insecure children and the pedophiles that molest them.
by Rind November 10, 2003

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A furry is someone who wishes they were an animal. Unfortunately laws prevent the rest of us from putting them down like dogs.
Sonic the Hedgehog is anthropomorphic, but not furry. John the cat-suit wearing fox-fucker is furry, but not anthropomorphic.
by Rind November 06, 2003

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