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1.Pretty much the Micheal Jordan for white boys.

2. One of the best in Players in Basketball history.
John: We don't do it like Mike, we do it like Larry.
Shawn: Niggah stop playin, Larry Bird can't beat MJ.
by RicoSwavey June 11, 2009
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Fapping at the moment

used on cam4 or porno cams or regular message boards and blogs.
hawt_latina: my boobs are very fuckable. u want sum honey

DragonSlayer666999: srry im FATM
by RicoSwavey June 04, 2009
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Look on your computer screen in the top left corner.
Urban Dictionary: The Best place to find out what your friend means when he called you a guido.
by RicoSwavey July 04, 2009
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A STD geared to scare teenagers out of sex
A complete success
but they forgot about pregnancy
AIDS are a very dangerous STD.
by RicoSwavey July 05, 2009
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