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A meme that occurs when a traumatizing event is about to happen.
Kid:*walks on street*
Car:*0.000001 seconds away from running him over*

by RiceFactory March 21, 2019

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A thot is a typical white girl that will show skin for popularity. They are usually found on the internet and will be found with a Starbucks drink.
Thot:*wearing a crop top during winter*
Everyone: BE GONE THOT
by RiceFactory March 20, 2019

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The things that determine whether a girl can be a bro or not. The criteria for this is if they are funny, interesting, or ok with being hit or made fun of. If she is just a hot woman with not personality traits suitable for the boys, she is a hoe.
Dude 1: Emma wants to join the boys

Dude 2: We need to check the bro or hoe criteria first.
by RiceFactory February 27, 2020

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