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A term that refers to the state of loosing all sense of rational thinking and comprehension of the world around you during sexual intercourse. It's pretty often displayed in hentai, and it can be a kink for some people.

It is also a thing in the BDSM world, where you take your sub, usually bratty, and put them through an intense session of sexual torture or overwhelming pleasure, that leaves them in a sort of daze. Make sure they don't go into sub drop, though.
"I was up all night watching hentai and I found one where a chick got her mind broken"

"Damn, I didn't know you were into Mind-breaking. That's some intense shit"
by RiceBeani April 06, 2020

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The puffiness that occurs around one's eyes when they smile or just a natural part of their face. It is often seen as cute and cuddly in Korea.
"Dude, Sungjin has a lot of aegyosal. He looks like a big teddy!"

"Who said he wasn't?"
by RiceBeani April 15, 2020

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Pretty much asking for verbal encouragement from somebody else. Egging another person on to say "you won't," so you'll have something to say you did.
"Man, you aren't gonna actually tell that teacher she's a fat bitch who sucks the mailman's dick behind her husband's back, right?"

"Say I won't. Say I fuckin won't."
by RiceBeani March 25, 2020

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A ridiculously annoying character (often female) in most animes and mangas that act cold or rude to the person they usually like, and over time, become less hostile and sweeter. They don't ever have a solid reason for pushing the one they desire away, and fling their finger in their direction and scream everytime said crush breathes the wrong way. They almost always say "baka" (idiot) for every other word.
"Baka! I-I would never have feelings for you!"

"And I have absolutely no problem with that. You're constantly hitting me for no fucking reason, and honestly, I'm tired of your bullshit. One time, I literally defied gravity to fall straight into your tits on accident, apologized profusely, yet you still beat the shit out of me. Now everytime I see you, my dick shrivels up because I remember how unnecessarily abusive you are, and this is why no guy will will ever love you. If they do, they're obviously into some tsundere shit."
by RiceBeani February 23, 2020

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