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Rhode Island's own version and name for a milkshake, coming in all flavors
" Coffee cabinet please!"
by Rhodie July 31, 2005

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City just north of Providence in Rhode Island, not too big, but ranked the 2nd most unsafe city/town in Rhode Island after providence in 2004-2005.
Like the city's 2 high schools, most of the population is ghetto or white trash. Known as "the bucket. There are, however, at least a couple nicer neighborhoods such as country side, darlington, and quality hill. City has produced several above average baseball and basketball players in the recent years. Home of Pawtucket Red Sox and Hasbro Toy Company (GI Joe and Mr. Potatoe Head were invented) and Slater Mill, founded in 1671. See east greenwich or Barrington if you think you're too good.
A. Im from Pawtucket
B. You go to the ball games a lot?
A. No
by Rhodie July 31, 2005

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Would be Rhode Island's state drink if it wasn't for the coffee milk. Both of which can call Rhode Island it's home. Del's is a Lemonade that comes in a variety of flavors and can be bought at stands and shops throughout the state, especially in the summer. Del's and vodka are said to be a great mix.
"Can we have $.75 for a Del's?"
by Rhodie July 31, 2005

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