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a person or a group of singers who sings pop music
Backstreet and Britney Spears are popstars
by Reynaldo Ranada November 8, 2006
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a term use by filipinoes call to an older sister or an older female . also use to as a respect to elder women who you dont know their name.
In a public vehicle, manang can you pass my fare to the driver thanks.
by Reynaldo Ranada November 5, 2006
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aldo is a nickname called to you if your name is Reynaldo.
person1: where's aldo?
person2: who's aldo?
person1: duh! Reynaldo
person2: duh! how supposed i know! duh your self!
person1: duh!

by Reynaldo Ranada November 5, 2006
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A name of a race on an online game RFONLINE a faction of three alien races battle on one planet in control of precious minerals (Bellato,Accretia,Cora) Accretian Specialities (Using Siegekit Launchers)

Cora: Hey,is it safe to come out now? or is there still a accretian on the loose outside?

Bellato: that accretian got a huge damage on me when he uses his siegekit
by Reynaldo Ranada November 4, 2006
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aldo = do-alds a cool way to change your name "aldo"

aldo is short of Reynaldo
Friend: hey do-alds WAZZZUPPPP
by Reynaldo Ranada November 2, 2006
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