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In other words. A fat bitch who works at Oxford Middle School known as Ms. Erker. She is a stonefish because she does stonefish sex.
"Ewwwww. Ms. Erker is a fucking Stonefish."
by RealYatler2 April 28, 2020

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A French alien addicted to pain medications.
Yatler - ehhhyyy, you fyrook motherfucker, look at you injecting pain meds into yourself.
by RealYatler2 October 29, 2018

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A yatler who is on drugs and is so hot that their skin turns a brownish-orange.
Terrorist-I'm so hot I think im a scorched yatler now.
by RealYatler2 October 19, 2018

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A mentally retarded buffalo.
Farmer- hey look, that guy over there has a Tyrook in his cattle.
by RealYatler2 November 19, 2018

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A fat Asian person that is shaped like a beachball because they are so round.
HAHAHA. You don't need eggroll your a fat zilch.
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by RealYatler2 October 19, 2018

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