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Something that has been played, listened to, or talked about so much to the point where the object becomes unbearable and the general public begins to build a collective hatred for the poor thing. This usually happens to really good YouTube videos, Vines, or songs that go viral; however this can happen to many other things ranging from memes to people.
Example 1-
Radio: "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh. I cut my teeth on wedding rings in..."
Girl 1: "Ugh, Royals is playing, that song is so overexposed. Is there a volume lower than mute!"
Girl 2: What I love Royals! The message is so good and her tone of voice is amazing."
Girl 1: "I love it too, but I swear if I hear that song again I'll kill the first thing I see."

Example 2-
Guy 1: "Oppan Gangnam Style... Gangnam Style..."
Girl 1: "Seriously... That song needs to stay dead. #overexposed"
Guy 1: "Well, sorry..."
by RealSh*t December 20, 2013

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A magazine filled with hella expensive stuff no one would use in real life. The magazine was created for billionaires and rich, ass white people to spend the extra million dollars they find between their couch cushions on.
"Honey, pass me that Hammacher Schlemmer magazine," said Mark as he put on his gucci sunglasses.
by RealSh*t September 24, 2013

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Something said or done to you by another person that completely obliterates any or all of the fucks you had left to give for that day, week, or (If the bitch was really asking for it) month. To get some of your fucks back, one can simply whoop that ass any direction they choose; up, down, left, or right. Results may vary.
Girl: "Nah bitch. What your not about to do is come at me sideways with somethin' fuckcrazy. You wanna brawl bitch just say so cause I don't do that bullshit. Takin' about 'I was lookin' yo man'. Hell no, my nigga you got the game so fucked up if you thought that fuckboy was gonna get some. You can keep him."
by RealSh*t December 13, 2014

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A word used to describe any pair of shorts that are above the bottom of the butt cheek. Shorts like these started popping up here and there around the early 2000's but are now getting more popular. Can be seen frequently in California, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, Florida, and Hawaii.

-"Really Short Shorts" on Google images
Guy: "Damn, dem kabuki shorts be hella tight on a bitch."

Girl 1 wearing kabuki shorts: "Gurl, we's be looken' like a hoochie in these kabuki shorts. But shit, we looken hella sexy!"

Friend 4: "Kabuki shorts at an outdoor party... And a nigga got nerve to tell me she ain't cold. Like really bitch."
by RealSh*t November 29, 2013

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