3 definitions by RazorSharp

longer version of Alex mostly used to piss people with the name alex off
Bob : Hey Alexander whats up ! ( Giggles )
Alex: Fuck Off!!!
by RazorSharp September 23, 2007
used to express how stupid some called Alexander is by saying he is sooooo great
Alexander:o ye i completed halo 194 last night
Bob: wow your really Alexander the great
by RazorSharp September 23, 2007
Premature Articulation is the act of speaking/bragging too soon before all the facts are in, the game is over, etc.
Dude, I totally jinxed the Cardinals by blathering all over Facebook about how they were kicking ass, then they lost the game. For the first time since high school, I experienced premature articulation!
by RazorSharp September 11, 2013