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1)A 1337 m4573r is one that is n0b13 in the 1337 arts, quite possible a pwning gamer, and otherwise totally kickass on the net. This person could possibly be a 6 year old pwning your ass on Halo online, or maybe a 42 year old in his parents basement.
2)Largo on www.megatokyo.com
1)d00d, 7h47 1337 m4573r pnd j00'5 455. n00b.
2)1337 m4573r Largo! You have a class to teach!
by Raz-Matazz April 22, 2005
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1)When something is so tasty that you have to scream uninteligebly to define it.
2)A term used to say when someone is EXTREAMLY hot.
1)That Chicken Marsala was DELISCIOSO!
2)Holy shit, that chick looks DELISCIOSO!
by Raz-Matazz August 11, 2005
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Containing your Team from the In-Seam, these nifty boys can be outfitted with many pockets, ketchup sauce, zippers, tags, rips, and maybe some jizz from last night. Quite possibly the single coolest invention outside of the xbox and tantric sex, the pants are a revered piece of clothing that girls REALLY dont need to wear.
My pants can beat up your pants!
Hey lizzy, those pants look good on you, but they'd look better on my bedroom floor!
by Raz-Matazz April 22, 2005
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1)In like flint is a term used to describe when one is in a very favorable position
2) One is going to have intercourse in a very lucky and speedious manner
3)One has just aquired special position by means of extreme luck
1) Dude, my dad works at the Kwik-E Mart, so I'm in like flint!
2)Man that chick digs you, your in like flint
3)I'm branch manager now, I'm in like flint!
by Raz-Matazz April 22, 2005
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