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A siphon hose(primarily used to steal gasoline)
Dammit, my car's empty and I filled it up last night. Somebody must have come by with a Georgia Credit Card and emptied me out.
by Rawhyde & Bubba December 04, 2006

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Utterly and completely worthless; completely valueless.
Bubba: That is about the stupidest fucker I've ever met.

Rawhyde: You said it, brother. He's as worthless as a barrel of monkey nuts!
by Rawhyde & Bubba May 30, 2007

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Something very difficult or painful.
Installing those spark plug wires on that Impala SS was a real codbuster.

Calculus II is a real codbuster.

Damn, that kidney stone was a REAL codbuster!

by Rawhyde & Bubba November 26, 2006

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