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A phrase used by one to indicate that he/she wants a share of something that has been obtained by another.

It was first featured in the "Leprechaun in Alabama" video on Youtube.
Child 1: I went trick or treating last night for Halloween and I received soooo much candy! What did you do?
Child 2: I'm not allowed to trick or treat.. so I stayed in and watched a movie.
Child 1: Oh..
Child 2: So yeah, gimme da gold.

Teenager 1: I got some beer from my brother. Let's party!
Teenager 2: GIMME DA GOLD!
by RaptorRAWR January 24, 2011

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A variable of "lame" in which the "a" is shifted to sound like a long "eh".
Me: Hey Eric, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Eric: someone who ignores you
Me: lehm
by RaptorRAWR September 12, 2010

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