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A bookworm is a person who is so fascinated by books that he does not know what is happening in the world.
He is such a bookworm. Can't he see that way he'll probably fail his exams.
by Ramakrishnan Srikanth October 24, 2005

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Can stand for:
1.Program-to-Paper meaning printing.
2.Pay-to-Play consisting of games which require you to pay everytime you want to play, similar to PPV.
3.Peer-to-Peer This is the most accurate acronym. It consists of netwroks which do not interact thru servers and go directly from client to client, and is also known as FileSharing.
1.Is my speech ready? No sir, it is still being P2P'ed.
2.You will end up being bankrupt if you continue these P2P games.
3.I am planning to create a new P2P program to facilate the quick transfer of files from one user to another.
by Ramakrishnan Srikanth November 03, 2005

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A Srikanth is a bookworm who hates sports and physical activities and loves working with the computer
and incedentally turns out to be a boy.
He is such a Srikanth, always reading, computing and never playing with us.
by Ramakrishnan Srikanth October 21, 2005

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Something unbelievable, amazing or superb.
See it! Feel it! Hear it! Read it! That movie is great.
by Ramakrishnan Srikanth October 27, 2005

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USB is the acronym for Underware, Serial, and Bus, the three main necessities of daily life.
Underware-Without which no-one can live.
Serial-Neede to unlock Winamp Pro's superior functions.
Bus-How do you plan to get to school on time if you do not have a car?
A-Hey man was USB useful today?
B-No, I went by car and so B was out today.
by Ramakrishnan Srikanth November 03, 2005

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