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To pleasure oneself; a synonym for masturbate.

See also: wordwank/word
"Man, I peeled one off last night after watching that hot porno"
by Rafe May 16, 2003
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A word with meaning equivalent to a modern-day harem or a menagerie of women rather than animals. It thus means a group of women collected by one man to indulge his sexual appetite and ego.
Elderly Lady: "That's quite a pimperie you've got going there Young Man."

Young Man: "Why thank you Madam, I do indeed have a fine collection of beautiful young women"
by Rafe June 28, 2005
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to believe you have won at poker and start celebrating, and then find out you have squat
Alan said "I have a straight, I've won" and then has it pointed out to him that he didn't infact have anything, he has infact been Mongered
by Rafe May 2, 2013
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equivalent to "can you". The etymology is the famous Nigerian footballer's name, Nwanko Kanu. Thus, in a manner similar to cockney rhyming slang, an alternative way of saying "can you" is derived.
by Rafe June 25, 2005
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