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1. Penis
2. Thundering idiot
3. drunk (pl)
He was so langers (or langerated) last night, he never put his langer back in after a wazz(pee), what a langer!
by RaZaHberry October 05, 2006

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To be premature..like a whole day premature

The "example" was posted on THURSDAY 30th Nov.by Wigsa
After being told by numerous sources on this forum that a press conference would be held on Friday morning detailing the finalised takeover,here we are on Friday morning and here we are still waiting on further information.

I'm hoping that there is still time for a press conference to be held,but i'm not feeling convinced about it.

Will this club ever have a new owner??
end original statement

Oh no cried his wife..thats the 3rd wigsa this month.

I turned up for the concert but had pulled a wigsa cos they ain't playing til tomorrow
by RaZahberry November 30, 2006

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