12 definitions by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ

Fly as hell and looking richer than rich- whether rollin in fat racks, or ballin on a budget!!!! Doing the best you possibly can to pamper and spoil yourself...with no fucks given about a shitty economy, or the seeming end of the world going on around us... #FTW
The jewelry section at Walmart has the most bougie earrings!!!! Look at those leopard print lion doorknockers!
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ February 27, 2021
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Lower extremity region which has the ability to control, manipulate disarm, confuse, or otherwise mindfuck and dedtrou anyome;-regardless of sexual preference-that it encounter in its path of destruction.
He waved his satan stick so indiscriminately that it came home woth a rugburn.
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ August 12, 2019
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Fucking around, in general, while acting like a HOE.
With no shame in his game, he left his WIFE and his GIRLFRIEND at home to head out for another night of HOE-TASTIC fun!!!
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ June 24, 2020
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First defined as a black homosexual man, the term has transformed its shaped to mean anything it embodies which you might encounter in your daily life that tries to turn you out, be a hoe-ass player hater, or fuck up your game.
That big ass roach I've seen outside lurking around my back door for the past 3 days is trying to Niggerachi me!
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ September 19, 2019
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To his or conceal illegal contraband, via glory hole or poop shoot.
I had to get home without any bullshit hassle, so decided I was suitcasing it.
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ August 14, 2022
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When your behavior suddenly shifts from normal, sane or rational to batshit crazy once you get hit with some good dick....
Resulting charges range from criminal mischief to homicide..
He dickmatized her into not caring that he was a 37 year old “semi-pro” gamer owing back child support still living at home with his mommy.
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ August 14, 2019
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When the man you've been f™cling suddenly has a rugbirn appear on his dick and you know you didn't put it there!!! At that point say "If it hurt that bad -and it must have- why didn't you stop? You don't feel that shit? Let that shit heal...take a break" and then their dick shrinks up.
When you ask your man this question after finding out he's been cheating...."how's your dick coming along, scabby dick?" And he responds"it's fine, thank you."
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ February 9, 2019
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