11 definitions by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ

A male who mistakes his penis for a vagina, freeloading and attempting to ride anyone in their immediate vicinity around like a proverbial stick horse-expecting them to pay for all their shit and use/mess up/destroy all of their personal belongings- without even bothering to ask permission.
I’m about to make ol Snivel Tits pay up for taking my motorcycle apart when this saw blade turns his into scrap metal for the chop shop.
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ January 19, 2020
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First defined as a black homosexual man, the term has transformed its shaped to mean anything it embodies which you might encounter in your daily life that tries to turn you out, be a hoe-ass player hater, or fuck up your game.
That big ass roach I've seen outside lurking around my back door for the past 3 days is trying to Niggerachi me!
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ September 19, 2019
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Lower extremity region which has the ability to control, manipulate disarm, confuse, or otherwise mindfuck and dedtrou anyome;-regardless of sexual preference-that it encounter in its path of destruction.
He waved his satan stick so indiscriminately that it came home woth a rugburn.
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ August 12, 2019
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When the man you've been f™cling suddenly has a rugbirn appear on his dick and you know you didn't put it there!!! At that point say "If it hurt that bad -and it must have- why didn't you stop? You don't feel that shit? Let that shit heal...take a break" and then their dick shrinks up.
When you ask your man this question after finding out he's been cheating...."how's your dick coming along, scabby dick?" And he responds"it's fine, thank you."
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ February 9, 2019
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A rack of Benjamin’s so fat in your pocket that a money clip can’t hold it, so use a rubber band instead.
My boo thang’s rubber band bank roll gets everyone’s attention every time he takes it out of his pocket...
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ February 27, 2021
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Fucking around, in general, while acting like a HOE.
With no shame in his game, he left his WIFE and his GIRLFRIEND at home to head out for another night of HOE-TASTIC fun!!!
by ROLEXX/ WHITE RAPPERZ June 24, 2020
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A homosapien YETI- purportedly female - though few are brave enough to verify up close-with horrendous DICK ENVY- one whose overwhelming cuntiness necessitates the need to brace for impact before a close encounter with it..... Who is bucktoothed.
The Billy Dee Williams mustache and overall grotesque hairiness led me to believe I had glimpses of Chewbacca’s cousin -when the Bucktoothed Thundercunt unexpectedly turned on the light and I saw it was wearing crotch less panties!’.
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