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Also known as Dragon, Dope, Heron, Herone, Hero, Hera, H, Big H, White, China White, White Nurse, White Lady, White Horse, White Girl, White Boy, White Stuff, Boy, He, Black, Black Tar, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Eagle, Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Sugar, Brown Tape, Brown Rhine, Chiba, Chiva, Chieva, Mexican Brown, Mexican Mud, Mexican Horse, Junk, Tar, Snow, Snowball, Scag, Scat, Sack, Skunk, Number 3, Number 4, Number 8, Bombita, Brea, Blanco, Bonita, Caballo, Calbo, Carga, Carne, Chapopote, Chatarra, Chicle, Cocofan, Gato, Heroina, La Buena, La Chiva, Polvo, Tecata, Tigre, Tigre Blanco, Tigre del Norte, Vidrio and Zoquete.
Snuffaluffagus: "I'm sick, Bird. I need some smack, Bird."

- Dave Chappelle
by ROCKintheCDA November 06, 2010

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Crumbs of food (e.g. bread, cookies, cake) found on someone's bed.

Formed from combination of the words "bed" and "breadcrumbs."
She couldn't sleep because of all the bedcrumbs around her feet.

bed bread crumb breadcrumb cookie cake
by ROCKintheCDA January 18, 2009

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Bar-hopping with the intent of taking an ugly and/or fat chick home, because for some reason you are feeling relatively desperate, and so you need to increase your probability of getting laid
His fiancee dumped him so we took him troll hunting on Saturday night
by ROCKintheCDA February 02, 2009

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Formed from combination of the words "ambitious" and "visionary" i.e. referring to someone who is an ambitious visionary.
That Silicon Valley entrepreneur with the bowtie tried to mack on my girl like some sort of ambisionary.

I would've quit my job a long time ago if my boss wasn't so damn ambisionary.
by ROCKintheCDA November 14, 2009

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