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Sex between two individuals where the consent of one party is given in reliance on a misrepresentation, lie or con made by the other party to obtain the first party's consent.
The girl in the Backroom Casting Couch video had consexual sex with the "Agent" in reliance on his promise to help her get a job in the porn industry.
by Rockspin August 31, 2010
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The pleasure derived from anal sex.
Jon moaned in ecstushy as he thrust fucked pumped pounded humped did in and out of Lindsay's ass rectum booty junk anal.
by ROCKSPIN October 18, 2009
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A movement by a woman from girl-on-girl relationships to heterosexual dating.
After dating women for a while in college, Meredith jumped back on the manwagon when she began dating Matt in grad school.
by Rockspin November 30, 2009
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Cunnilingus on a girl while she is menstruating.
Nah, I had Rachel's vagina bolognese earlier. I'm stuffed.
by Rockspin May 15, 2011
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