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A movement by a woman from girl-on-girl relationships to heterosexual dating.
After dating women for a while in college, Meredith jumped back on the manwagon when she began dating Matt in grad school.
by Rockspin November 30, 2009
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When a girl or woman changes or forms her opinion around whatever her significant other(obviously a boyfriend, husband or anything in between) says or thinks.
Boyfriend: Man, Christian Bale is the worst Batman ever.
Logical Individual: No way. Christian Bale is pretty much the best Batman available.
Girl: Well, I guess his voice WAS a little raspy.
BF: Yeah Babe!
LI: Seriously? Way to jump on the Manwagon.
by Tom and Tom February 02, 2009
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A man-wagon is the car equivalent of a man-purse. A purse is typically only carried by a woman. A man carrying a Pony Express Bag is acceptable. A man carrying anything less than this is not acceptable - as demonstrated my many metrosexuals. A man-wagon is the equivalent of a Soccer-mom driving an SUV, or a woman carrying a purse. So, a man driving a man-wagon is only acceptable if the man-wagon is a truck or 4x4; anything less than this is not acceptable. The archtype man-wagon is a 2005 Dodge Magnum station wagon. Most men driving a Dodge Magnum station wagon also carry a man-purse that is not a Pony Express Bag.
Look at that Dodge Magnum man-wagon parked in front of Banana Republic.
by Paul Grimes February 28, 2006
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