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The people you blame when you do something illegal.
"Fuck da police dawg, my blunt just fell on the paintball gun that I was shooting at my neighbors cat, and now it's jammed."
by RD8 March 05, 2019

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Any class in an American public school.
"Hey have you got art class next period?"
"Yeah I do!"
"What a coincidence! It's almost like we always have art class!"
by RD8 March 05, 2019

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Anybody arguing with a liberal. Synonyms with bigot, fascist, nazi, etc.
This racist just told me that illegal immigration is illegal! How dare he speak to a self identifying lesbian of color like that.
by RD8 March 09, 2019

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The idea that you have something that I don't, therefore you should give it to me. Commonly used by left wing media as a "catch all" solution, kind of like WD40.
Guy: Hey can you help me I fell off my chair and I think I broke my arm.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: *horse face* Have you tried socialism?
by RD8 March 05, 2019

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