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In Star Wars, comlinks are portable communications devices. You can use this word as a substitute for "cell phone".
Tallisibeth: Hey, Lanoree! May I call u some time?
Lanoree: Sure. My comlink is always on.
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by R0-GR40 June 20, 2018

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The Unknown Regions are a part of the Star Wars galaxy which have not been explored or charted entirely. The term can also be used as a substitute for "vagina".
Matt: Hey, John! I tried to call you last night. Where the hell have you been?
John: Dude, guess what. I went on a date with Vanessa and afterwards we went to her place for some Netflix and chill.
Matt: Oh, that's why. And...how was it? Got anything?
John: You kidding? I managed to explore the Unknown Regions.
by R0-GR40 June 15, 2018

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In Sci-Fi, most notably Star Wars, deflector shields are energy fields that could protect starships, battle stations, ground-based structures, and even armies from enemy assault. (Wookieepedia).
The term may also be used as a substitute for the word "condom".
Ben: Hey, Luke! I heard you fucked Melissa last night. Did you have protection?
Luke: U kidding? I switched all power to the front deflector shield.
by R0-GR40 June 19, 2018

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Out of your league
Rick: Tony, do you see that hottie over there?

Tony: Yeah, man. She's got a killer ass.
Rick: I'd date her, but she's way out of range.
by R0-GR40 June 20, 2018

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