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One throwed ass N*$$a. The Throwedest frestyler alive. The only rapper I know of with" Platnium Flows."
Koopa holla she no like./Obvious both ways that hoe dike./
by Quick December 24, 2003

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Massively Multiplayer Online Game player who quickly dominates and then moves on. Responsible for destroying an entire town in Asheron's Call.
I was playing DaoC and I saw Krltplps all buffed out and kicking butt.
by Quick January 16, 2004

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1) (n)pertains to the game of starcraft when rushed by the zerg

2) (v)the action of zerg rushing
1) So just as I got my first SCV out I was all like "Zerg Rush'd".

2) Pshh, So I Zerg rush'd this n00b and he was all like "OMG THIS IS BS!!111CELFONE".
by Quick February 09, 2004

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The sound made when Wolverine's adamantium claws extend from his hands.
"You wanna say that to my face, bub?" *sknit*
by Quick November 21, 2005

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The act or condition of being like Goofy. Can also be used to describe someone who makes you feel good, or at ease.
Kevin is Goofyesque, and that's what makes him so special.
by Quick January 29, 2007

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