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Oh my God bro I have to go to school today it’s hell
by Purpstar615 December 13, 2022
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A high score who is obsessed with theater, may or may not have interpersonal relationships with choir kids. give up all of their free time to rehearse, and are very dramatic.
Theatre kid
by Purpstar615 February 1, 2023
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Oh hell where there’s bullies, popular kids, and nerds. Also your favorite class is half your identity and all of the classes are their own cult
by Purpstar615 January 16, 2023
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Beating an alto in choir, they’re often close like a family and stay together in their tightknit group.
Linda: my friend is an alto who practices altoisum
by Purpstar615 November 22, 2022
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When a choir kid has an allegiance to their section and will literally cry for hours if they are moved.
Director: Hey Charlotte
Charlotte: wat
Director: i’m gonna need to move you to alto 1
Charlotte: no I’m a soprano 1
Director: I know but I need you to sing alto 1
Charlotte: *cries*
Director: choir sectionalism, no one ever wants to move
by Purpstar615 December 5, 2022
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Adagio Dazzle is a female siren and one of the main antagonists in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. She is the lead singer of her band the Dazzlings, rivaling the Rainbooms.
Adagio dazzle
by Purpstar615 January 16, 2023
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